HPMT 5338 - Data Quality Management

Spring 2023

This course provides essential knowledge to understand and improve data quality within healthcare organizations such as government agencies, insurance companies, and hospitals. In this course, students will learn the concepts, strategies, methods, and tools necessary to respond to the growth in healthcare data and the need to maintain high-quality data. The course first introduces data quality problems, their root causes, and their impact on healthcare costs, quality, and outcomes. The course then discusses data-quality dimensions (e.g., accuracy), how to measure data quality along those dimensions, establishing a data-quality strategy, and implementing data quality management. The course also elaborates on how data governance and stewardship must function together to support data quality.

Non-degree-seeking students might be able to take the course. Please note that US citizenship or permanent residency is required for non-degree-seeking students.

Schedule: Mon Jan 09 2023 5:00 pm - 8:20 pm. Repeats every week on Monday through May 15, 2023, Except Holidays

Textbook: Mahanti R. Data Quality: Dimensions, Measurement, Strategy, Management, and Governance. 630 p. 2019


Weekly Course Schedule (tentative)