Professional service to the department, university, our profession, and to the society is a part of my job as a professor. I have served as a

  • Reviewer for scientific journals
  • Reviewer for scientific conferences
  • Steering committee member for scientific conferences
  • Member of proposal review panels
  • Member of departmental, university, and system-wide committees
  • Board member for governmental agencies
  • Consultant for various organizations

The complete list for the above activities is a long one. Rather than enumerating a long list, I should say that providing service as a part of a balanced schedule has been a great way for me to achieve a synergy among various areas of interest. As an example, some professionals I knew and the conversations I have had with them resulted in research projects that are useful and relevant to the society. When we created the Health IT Master's degree at UMBC , many health IT professionals, who I knew through service, provided guidance and support in our curriculum design. Some of them even participated in teaching our courses.

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