Started Research Projects at Health IT Lab

Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Dr. Koru has received funding and started research projects at the Health IT Lab at UMBC. The research projects focus on (i) supporting the enhancement and evolution of data governance infrastructures used in health services for achieving the triple aims, better care, reduced costs, and better health , through leveraging data analytics, (ii) establishing continuous quality improvement practices for software and healthcare-administration systems, (iii) and on investigating the challenges and opportunities to improve the in-home healthcare support and administration systems and preventing waste, fraud, and abuse.

The three-year funding from the State of Maryland has been supporting seven students as full-time graduate research assistants in the Health IT Lab at UMBC since June 1, 2016. The students are (from left to right in the picture) Ms. Ashkezari, Ms. Kakalasaria, Mr. Hamid, Ms. Zhang, Mr. Patil, Ms. Rao, and Mr. Thangaraj.

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