Open House for the Health IT masters' degree

Posted on Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Figure 1: Dr. Koru speaking at the Open House for Health IT

Prospective students for UMBC's MPS in Health IT program attended the Open House on Apr 23, 2014 organized on the South Campus. Dr Koru, the founding graduate program director (GPD), gave information about the need for health IT professionals in the Baltimore-Washington area and the nature of the health IT program bringing people, organizational, and technology aspects of health IT together to boost professionals' capacity to leverage health IT in the delivery of quality healthcare. Dr. Koru designed the curriculum and course structure for this innovative program, he also applied for the approval of the courses in this program to UMBC's graduate school by submitting the course syllabi along with other documents. All courses were approved successfully, and instructor assignments have been made.

Eighty six students registered for the event, and many students asked questions and received answers from Dr. Koru and Renee Eisenhuth, who is the program coordinator, about the admission and graduation requirements.

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