Mr. Alaiad becomes a phd candidate

Posted on Saturday, February 1, 2014

Figure 1: Mr. Alaiad defends his proposal successfully

Congratulations to Ahmad! He has passed his proposal exam and formally become a PhD candidate. A brief summary of Ahmad's PhD research topic is as follows:

Healthcare is one of the largest growing burdens for the US economy. Effective and efficient home healthcare can help control healthcare costs and improve healthcare quality and increase patient independence. In the future, it will be almost unimaginable to consider home healthcare without the emerging home healthcare information technology including wireless sensor networks and robotics. Despite their potential for home healthcare, previous research on these technologies has largely focused on the technical implementation, technology improvement and clinical applications with very limited discussion of the larger socio-technical, cognitive, and contextual issues that are arguably equally important. Ahmad's PhD dissertation aims to bridge this knowledge gap by building a generic model that explains the adoption behavior for these emerging technologies in home healthcare.

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